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Please mail your donation to the address below in order to donate to Brody's BUDDY™ Ride today!


Make checks payble to:

Brody’s BUDDY™ Ride
PO Box 382
Washington Mills, NY 13479

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Where do your donations go?

Brody’s BUDDY™ Ride is the primary way we raise funds for The Brody Savicki Foundation. We remain committed to raising awareness for Down syndrome, and educating the public on the UP side of DOWNS.  Brody’s BUDDY™ Ride is very proud to spread our message that that “More is Better”.  Through Brody’s BUDDY™ Ride, we have been able to help make a positive impact on the lives of people in our community who have Down syndrome. 

A few of our accomplishments over the past years include:


  • $15,000 donation to the National Down Syndrome Society
  • $14,000 donated to local families (for care of their children undergoing medical treatment(s)and/or enduring legal costs associated with issues regarding Down syndrome and/or educational supports)
  • $4000 Brody’s Wishing Well (4 individuals are granted a wish up to $1000 each)
  • $4000 donation to the Mohawk Valley Down Syndrome Support Group
  • $8200 donated to activities for people with Down syndrome
  • $4000 Pathfinder Village Residential Community and School for individuals with Down syndrome
  • $6500 scholarships
  • $2000 donation to the Oneida County ARC
  • $1600 Gigi’s Playhouse Syracuse (A Down Syndrome Awareness Center)
  • $1250 various other non-profit organizations that impact the lives of local children
  • $500 donation to The 21 Club of CNY, Inc.

Our work in only possible because of generous donations from members of the community.  Without donations from supporters such as yourself, the people and organizations who have benefited from Brody’s BUDDY™ Ride over the past 6 years would have been left to face their challenges with Down syndrome all alone.

Donate online >